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15 октября 2019
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Private journeys

These tours includes plenty of sightseeing for those who like to have pre-organised excursions to look forward to. For those who like just an introduction to the city and time to make their own way, we have the ‘INDEPENDENT EXPLORER’, still with our great local support and some included services.

Our tours start on Saturdays in Moscow for the 7 night two centre tour and 3 night single centre tours and Tuesdays in St Petersburg for 4 night tours and are guaranteed to run with a minimum of 2 passengers.

For those with more time or wishing to explore further, add on one of our 1, 2 or 3 night GOLDEN RING tours from Moscow. Dates are flexible to suit your customers.

Just book flights or trains to Moscow or St Petersburg and we will do the rest.
Moscow is the thriving heart of business with fabulous architecture reflecting Stalin’s influences, alongside historical churches. It offers designer shops, leafy parks, great restaurants and a wealth of art and culture.

St Petersburg is a calm contrast. Peter’s ‘Window on the West’ displays classic Italian architecture and canals, which are reminiscent of some of Europe’s finest cities.